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Our Development Programmes

We aim to engage staff, stimulate thinking and generate interest in implementing equality and diversity strategies and practices within the context of your organisation, its role and culture. 

Our experience of delivering diversity programmes shows that change to attitudes, behaviours and skills needs to be handled in groups where individuals, can feel comfortable about raising issues.  The programmes we design offer a variety of exercises to engage participants in real work situations and focus on practical solutions.

Interactive Diversity Programme with actors

Highly interactive workshops for around 40 participants, using trained actors to present scenarios that stimulate debate and real discussion of the issues.

There is no role play but an opportunity to examine the characters behaviour  and ‘direct’ them to create a positive outcome.

Engages participants in discussion, helps them modify their own behaviour and practices. A fun yet serious way to explore the issues.

Kent County Council

Interactive half day Diversity and Disability workshops with actors

Feedback from participants

"All aspects were covered and easy to understand.  Actors were excellent and portrayed all too real scenarios"

"Very good course - Very thought provoking"

"Very interesting and productive - All rang very true!"

Barking and Dagenham Council

Diversity Workshops

General awareness workshops using video, self assessment tools and our unique learning tool - Dilemma! Gets to the heart of diversity issues –really engages participants.

“Virginia delivered a Diversity training workshop for Trust staff over 2 years. The training was unanimously well received, and delivered in a fun, interactive but challenging manner. In the course evaluation delegates often commented on seeing the importance of Diversity and on having more confidence in challenging inappropriate behaviour.

Delegates were challenged to think about their practices and left with a positive attitude about Diversity feeling that it was important for everyone to attend this training.

Virginia was very personable, professional and reliable, I could rest assured that she would effectively deal with any issues that arose competently and sensitively, who could get staff to think differently about the agenda without alienating them.”

West London Mental Health Trust

Managing Diversity and Equalities Impact Assessment

A practical and realistic examination of equality impact assessment combined with up to date thinking on managing diversity in organisations and an update on the latest legal issues.

"Virginia has been running equality and diversity courses for our managers for the last year. This programme is now firmly established as part of our corporate training portfolio focused on improving management capacity and capability.

We have a waiting list of managers wanting to attend this programme. This demonstrates not only the quality of delivery but also the relevance of the programme for our managers. Due to the success of "Managing in the 21st Century" we have asked Virginia to develop a similar programme for front line and support staff."

Greenwich Council

Bullying and Harassment Complaints

Practical workshops on managing and investigating bullying and harassment complaints.

 A separate workshop for bullying and harassment advisers in organisations

Barking and Dagenham Council

Dignity and Respect

Workshops for senior managers and staff on recognising and dealing effectively with dignity and respect issues in the workplace.

Department of Communities and Local Government

Development programmes for women and black managers

A development programme for women and black and minority ethnic managers to help them achieve their potential in the organisation.

“Virginia worked with us to develop and deliver a very high profile and successful Positive Action Learning and Development Programme for 16 middle managers from across the organisation, which targeted Black and Minority Ethnic staff, Women and staff with disabilities.  The programme, of 1 year's duration, was aimed at staff who had the potential to work at a more senior level.  Of the 10 still working for the Council, 8 are currently established into more senior level posts.

Virginia's inspiring and empowering approach with participants on the programme; her clear commitment to developing individuals and supporting them to achieve their potential, helped to make the programme exciting and challenging, and of significant benefit to both individuals and the organisation.”

Hounslow Council

Working with disabled customers

A half day interactive workshop for frontline staff to improve their skills, and confidence in working effectively with disabled customers.

Age Discrimination - New!

"IT is for young people - old people just don’t get it!"
"Young staff lack the maturity to move on up the ladder."

Heard these remarks in your organisation?
Need to make sure you staff aren’t in influenced by ageist views?

Make sure your managers and staff are up to date with their role and responsibilities in implementing the new age discrimination legislation.

A practical, informative yet enjoyable way to get your message across.

Gender Equality Duty - New!

Are your managers clued up on the new Gender Duty?
Do they realise the full implications?
Are they taking action to integrate the new legislation into the design and delivery of services?

Following our successful showcase at the Communities and Local Government launch of the Gender Equality Duty – we are now running half day workshops on the implications of the Gender Duty for senior managers and staff.

This gives managers an opportunity to explore the scope of the legislation and more importantly ensure it is fully integrated into the design and delivery of their services.

Disability Equality Duty - New!

Do you want to minimise the risk of discrimination claims?
Do you want your managers to understand the practical implications?
Do you need an informative yet interesting way to get your message across?

If so we can offer a practical and enjoyable way to update managers on their responsibilities.  Using trained actors to simulate ‘real life’ scenarios engages participants and can be an economical way to create understanding and commitment.



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