Virginia Donovan Associates -- Diversity Consultant -- Creating a Culture that Supports Diversity

Our Approach


We understand the impact exclusion and discrimination can have on everyday performance and behaviour in organisations.  We appreciate the reality of making policies and procedures work on a day to day basis. So we work closely with organisations to identify key issues and devise practical measures for addressing these.

Interactive Learning

We provide highly participative and innovative development programmes, using actors and our special learning tool Dilemma! to create a unique learning experience.

Our organisation is unique in using trained actors alongside expert diversity facilitators who are knowledgeable about current diversity and legislation issues.


We adopt a very supportive and practical approach with clients – creating an atmosphere where issues can be shared and managed effectively.

Our training programmes encourage discussion and an open yet challenging approach so we can identify and address the tensions diversity can bring.

Practical Outcomes

Our work is based on enabling clients to reach practical solutions.  Our years of experience working in organisations and delivering practical outcomes enables us to focus on achieving real change. Our training programmes focus on practical issues participants encounter in their every day work and their role and responsibility in managing these. They also provide valuable feedback which help clients to identify and prioritise future action.

Clients Include:

Cabinet Office; Office of Fair Trading; HM Treasury; Inland Revenue; Home Office; Customs and Excise; Department of Trade and Industry; Independent Television Commission; OFTEL; OFWAT; OFGEM; Postcomm; Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust; West London Mental Health Trust; W.S Atkins; Brunel University.

Local Government

Birmingham City; Barking & Dagenham; Barnet; Brent; Crawley; Greenwich; Harlow; Hounslow; Kent; Kirklees; Medway; Shropshire; Southwark; Sutton; Tandridge.

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